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Is it possible to buy a portable vaporizer in Montreal ? | VapeIQ.com

Is it possible to buy a portable vaporizer in Montreal ?

I live in montreal and i can’t find a portable vaporizer to buy, i would enjoy if someone answers back to me, thank you :)

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  1. Taylor
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    Your best bet for a vaporizer might be to look online. Online vaporizer stores tend to have a much larger selection of different products, than any type of normal brick and mortar head shop you might find. The Inhalater is my currently my favorite portable vaporizer on the market right now, and there is free shipping to Canada if you buy at The Other Side Vapes. I like the Inhalater more than my Arizer Solo, and much more than the Magic Flight, Iolite, or Vapir NO2 portable vaporizers. Check out this link: http://www.theothersidevapes.com/servlet/the-750/The-Inhalater-Portable-Vaporizer/Detail
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