Vapor King E-Cigarettes

Vapor King E-cigarettes is a revolutionary product that can give you a smooth transition from smoking tobacco cigarettes to a smoking harmless vapor in a short amount of time. With its perfectly deceiving look, it can make the transition more realizable. It is an award winning and sensational product that offers you a chance to smoke without inhaling bad chemical substances like tar and tobacco that are usually in traditional cigarettes.

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You are also given the choice of a variety of strength for the cartridges like low, medium or high. There is even a zero-nicotine version. The e-liquids also have different flavors available that you can change with every refill. To name a few, there’s tobacco, cherry, strawberry, apple, menthol, chocolate, cappuccino and vanilla. The E-cig is also available in different colors that will fit your fancy.

The Vapor King e-cigarette is battery operated and rechargeable. It lets you smoke and get your nicotine fix via a vapor. Every time you take a puff, it even lights up making it seem like it’s the real thing. With an efficient vaporizer, the nicotine is heated up fast. An inhalable vapor is then produced that will act like smoke. Each battery charge will take 2-3 hours and will let you get around 200 puffs. If one charged battery isn’t enough, you can also purchase a charging pack that you can bring when you’re on the go.

The good thing about this particular e-cigarette is that is has a very minimal odor that instantly disappears in just a few seconds. Since it’s pretty much odorless, you can smoke anywhere you want. You no longer have to go rush going outside. With this e-cigarette you won’t get the other problems associated with tobacco smoking like yellow teeth, bad breath and offensive smoke smell on your clothes.

With each cartridge and a 10 ml e-liquid, you can get around 180 puffs that is the equivalent of about 10 to 12 cigarettes. Imagine the amount of money you’ll eventually save.

Green Smoke E-Cigarettes

Tired of those electronic cigarettes that insist to be better than the real thing? Most e-cigarette brands do, and they send out misleading claims to make smokers believe that they have the solution for kicking the habit. Let’s be honest – if you’re a heavy tobacco-user, nothing could ever feel better than the actual thing.

Unfortunately many users who do want to quit this unhealthy vice simply feel powerless, since it’s one of the most challenging addictions to overcome. Luckily, Green Smoke e-cigarettes has been improved and this superior device produces the highest quality vapor to bring you a “smoking” experience in the strongest sense of the word.

No other e-cigarette brand can match the sensations that you get with Green Smoke e-cigarettes. Experts and users agree that they are easily the closest competitor of real tobacco cigarettes. As with any other electronic cigarette, this e-cigarette was constructed to look and feel like a natural tobacco product, with a rechargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge. However, unlike every other brand out there, only Green Smoke e-cigarettes offer the richest and tastiest flavors without compromising the quality of an electronic cig.

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Starter kits come with Green Smoke’s own FlavorMax Cartomizer, which is their unique cartridge and a built-in atomizer, with several refill packs to let you customize every smoking experience. You get new and improved tobacco flavors (Absolute Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Red Label Tobacco, and Tobacco Gold) along with other delicious ones such as Vanilla Dreams, Mocha Mist, and Smooth Chocolate.

The biggest advantage that Green Smoke e-cigarettes offer is their vapor’s refreshing fresh scent that no tobacco cigarette could ever produce. Maintenance is also a breeze without having to deal with cigarette butts and getting dark ash everywhere with this product. With an economical long-lasting battery life, these cartridges last for up to 4-6 months.

With Green Smoke e-cigarettes, rest assured you get more smoke for your money with 25% more vapor. You’ll love being able to save more cash in the long run, and of course your well-being. If you are committed to leading a better lifestyle, choose Green Smoke and be able to experience all the benefits you get from real tobacco cigarettes without all the hazardous health effects. More information about Green Smoke Cigs

Ego E-Cigarettes

It’s time to take your cigarette smoking experience to a whole new level. Introducing the latest breakthrough in electronic cigarettes, the EGO e-cigarette. It’s a sleek, sexy, and durable device that guarantees you won’t be needing those tobacco ones anymore. With its parts made from the finest quality materials, it surely feels like a premium item that fits snugly between your fingers.

Right from the very first puff, you will be able to tell that you are in for a smooth ride as the EGO e-cigarettes produce a hefty amount of vapor, making it appear as if you were using a traditional tobacco cigarette, this time only better and healthier.

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The EGO e-cigarette is packed with a heavy duty, high capacity battery fitted into a chamber that’s designed with style, substance, and function in mind. With a single charge, you get an entire day of smoking bliss, but it doesn’t stop there! Charging this device is fast and easy with the AC-USB Charger that comes along with the kit. Working on your computer while your EGO e-cig runs out of juice? No big deal! You can easily charge and plug it into any of the available USB ports on your MAC or PC.

Options aren’t a problem with EGO e-cigarettes because there are plenty! Starting from the exterior, you get to choose from 3 different colors: White, Black, and Stainless steel. It gets even more personal as you get to select the strength of the vapor between 6 different nicotine densities. With the ever growing choice of flavors such as Caramel, Menthol, and Blended Tobacco, endless satisfaction is waiting for you.

So forget those dangerous tobacco cigarettes and pick up the new EGO e-cigarettesm. If you can find them the Joyetech eGo series are the original and best quality. You’ll definitely be surprised how effortless it will be to make this transition, and glad you picked the healthier alternative. This premium device is made only with quality as a standard.