Vapor King E-Cigarettes

Vapor King E-cigarettes is a revolutionary product that can give you a smooth transition from smoking tobacco cigarettes to a smoking harmless vapor in a short amount of time. With its perfectly deceiving look, it can make the transition more realizable. It is an award winning and sensational product that offers you a chance to smoke without inhaling bad chemical substances like tar and tobacco that are usually in traditional cigarettes.

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You are also given the choice of a variety of strength for the cartridges like low, medium or high. There is even a zero-nicotine version. The e-liquids also have different flavors available that you can change with every refill. To name a few, there’s tobacco, cherry, strawberry, apple, menthol, chocolate, cappuccino and vanilla. The E-cig is also available in different colors that will fit your fancy.

The Vapor King e-cigarette is battery operated and rechargeable. It lets you smoke and get your nicotine fix via a vapor. Every time you take a puff, it even lights up making it seem like it’s the real thing. With an efficient vaporizer, the nicotine is heated up fast. An inhalable vapor is then produced that will act like smoke. Each battery charge will take 2-3 hours and will let you get around 200 puffs. If one charged battery isn’t enough, you can also purchase a charging pack that you can bring when you’re on the go.

The good thing about this particular e-cigarette is that is has a very minimal odor that instantly disappears in just a few seconds. Since it’s pretty much odorless, you can smoke anywhere you want. You no longer have to go rush going outside. With this e-cigarette you won’t get the other problems associated with tobacco smoking like yellow teeth, bad breath and offensive smoke smell on your clothes.

With each cartridge and a 10 ml e-liquid, you can get around 180 puffs that is the equivalent of about 10 to 12 cigarettes. Imagine the amount of money you’ll eventually save.