The Extreme Q Vaporizer


With the Extreme Q Vaporizer, you get more value for your money with it being an all-in-one vaporizer. It’s a complete package that will also work as warmer for your potpourri, oil diffuser and steamer. This multi-functional vaporizer is the product of a well-known Canadian company called Arizer. Although it wasn’t really designed to be a portable vaporizer, it’s still small enough so you can take it with you anywhere as long as there’s an electrical plug. This compact vaporizer uses a 19-volt power adapter.

Another good thing is that you can purchase a different adapter for the cigarette lighter in your car. With its ceramic heating technology, it’s a good quality vaporizer that works like charm.

Extreme Q Vaporizer-post

It has complete features that you could expect from other high quality vaporizers that includes a remote control for different functions and a digital LCD display that tells you the fan, timer and temperature info. It is versatile enough to use for both whip and balloon inhalation.

The unit gives you 3 choices for fan speed. The removable glass can also rotate 360 degrees. This attachment works for the wand whip and the balloon. You won’t have to make any other changes which makes it easy to use. It also has a timer that automatically shuts off. With a midnight chrome finish, it looks clean and smart.

The Extreme Q Vaporizer exterior shell is made from stainless steel that doesn’t get too warm to touch. It can heat up from 112 degrees to 500 degrees which is not a range you’ll find with its other competitors. Even with the highest setting, it can still maintain a relatively cool exterior. The rest of the parts are made from good quality glass that Arizer has long been known for.

The Extreme Q Vaporizer is durable, performs excellently and has unmatched versatility. Plus, it even has a lifetime warranty. You can get a great deal over at for the Extreme Q set and free overnight shipping anywhere in the US. They are an authorized seller so your warranty will be good.

Herbal Vaporizer Buyer’s Guide

Vapir Rise: A long awaited and highly anticipated release from the established company Vapir, the Rise is their table top offering which successfully improves on every element of vaping from the ground up. With True HEPA Filter technology, and an industry first in their multiple hose attachment, the Vapir Rise is perfect for that socially inclined friend of yours who is always hosting get-togethers, and really needs something powerful and dependable to showcase to all his guests that happen to stop by for an impromptu session in his living room.

Vapir Rise

Pinnacle Pro: “Look at me, I’m a pro!” That’s what your best bud is going to be saying as he sits under the tree and tinkers with his new gift, the Pinnacle Pro from the heads over at VaporBLUNT. With its small, concealable length of only 5 inches, and easy push-button functioning, it really is a machine that will make even the most rank beginner feel like an old schooler with its savvy ease-of-use and sleek modern stylings. Perfect for a friend who is always on the run, and likes to keep it simple, the Pinnacle Pro also imparts another hidden bonus as a gift in that it doubles as an oil and concentrate vaporizer. Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Pinnacle Pro

Arizer Solo: With the advent of a new year on the horizon, why not give a loved one the ultimate hybrid in vaporizing technology? Of course, I’m talking about the new Solo portable vaporizer from Arizer. With an all-glass pathway for vapor, and flat-out lung-busting power not typically seen in portable vapes, you really get the best of both worlds with the very compact and transportable Arizer Solo. Throw in the special A/C wall adapter, and now you’ve got endless power a la’ a table top vape with still just the modest dimensions of the Solo. A sure-to-please safe bet when it comes to shopping for a gift this holiday.

Arizer Solo

eDab HELOS Deluxe Kit: Okay, you wanna talk value? Then let’s talk eDab. Better yet, let’s talk about the eDab HELOS Deluxe Kit. Now this is the kind of gift that, because of the ridiculously reasonable price, makes you look like you spent twice as much or even more on your dear old bestie.

Here’s what you get: The ultimate in portable concentrate vaping, a premium eDab vape pen, 2 replaceable nail coils bringing the included total up to three, a super high quality variable voltage “Spin” battery, a scraping tool, an astonishing three different kinds of chargers for your pen, and lastly the cherry on top, a rockin’ cool HELOS T-shirt. Did I tell you or did I tell you? Word to the very wise: don’t miss this boat.

eDab HELOS Deluxe Kit

Plenty Vape: Storz & Bickel. That’s all that really need be said to ensure that your investment in their latest offering, the Plenty Vape pays dividends over the long-term, and proves you know how to play Santa with the best of them when it comes to gift-giving for the holidays. Fans of their flagship vape, the Volcano will readily attest that these manufacturers pull out all the stops and never forgo quality in the interest of economy.

With a state-of-the art double helix heating element, and a unique whip coil with built-in heat sink, the message you’re sending loud and clear when you give the Plenty as a gift is: I spared no expense and got you the very best. Learn more about it here

Plenty Vape

List of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2012 Vaporizer Deals


Coupon ButtonFigured I would write a quick post and let everyone know about how to get some great deals on vaporizers this Holiday season. I will be updating this page as I get new info, if you know of a website or store that is having sales this Black Friday or Cyber Monday (or whatever they are calling it now) or just know where to get a deal on e-cigarettes or vaporizers during this Holiday shopping season feel free to drop me a line and I will post a link here.

This is what I got so far … – Save 20% sitewide with coupon code “CYBER20” at checkout this weekend. Website here. Announcement here. – These guys offer free overnight shipping on orders over $99 and are offering an additional 10% off this weekend. Visit site – This site has good deals on Ego brand e-cigarettes and offers shipping worldwide. Check the site for details on how to get an extra discount. Go

Plenty Vaporizer: A Closer Look

Plenty vape review

The orange light on the front of the Plenty vaporizer lets you know it is warming up.

Plenty Vaporizer Review

It had been fairly a while that Storz & Bickel were doing anything substantial and most of us were wondering what next would the company come up with after storming the world of vaporizers with their Volcano. Well, the wait is over and now all those who did not opt for the Volcano owing to their legions to a whip vaporizer, here is the Plenty.

In this Plenty vaporizer review we would look at what makes it different from so many other whip models available out there. First and foremost, Plenty sticks to the company’s vision in the older iconic Volcano and that was efficient herb consumption. It is hard to say if there is any difference in herb usage between the Volcano and the Plenty. The reason why we are comparing the Plenty with the balloon vaporizer model of the same company is because no other vaporizer can use herbs as effectively as the models of Storz & Bickel.

Plenty vaporizer does come in with plenty of stuff in the package. The package can be classified into two categories. It comprises of the Plenty Vaporizing Unit and the Plenty Hot Air Generator. The package contains a Plenty hot air generator, one filling chamber housing, one filling chamber cylinder, one filling chamber cap, one mouthpiece, three normal screens, one liquid pad, two short tubing sections and two long tubing sections, one cleaning brush, one herb mill and one instruction manual. Storz & Bickel has also put up several components up for sale separately for the Plenty vaporizers.

Coming back to the Plenty Vaporizer review, it is highly portable, the curly cooling coil made up of stainless steel is the quality that you would expect from Storz & Bickel and despite being a hand held vaporizer you do not get to feel any heat while using it. There are options where one can purchase additional mouth pieces, additional normal screens or liquid pads and more tubes. With the Plenty vaporizer priced much lower than its balloon cousin and a fantastic experience, Storz & Bickel has surely hit the right chord from business as well as consumers’ perspective.

It was initially launched only in Europe which was bit of a disappointment for Americans but now Plenty vaporizer is available for sale in the United States as well. One can clearly see that the company would be able to dominate the world of vaporizers now with its globally loved Volcano and now with its would be whip phenomenon, the Plenty vaporizer.

For more information see the Plenty Vaporizer review or buy the Plenty vaporizer online and get it tax-free and shipped fast!

Can’t get enough of the Plenty? Read this

ViVape Vaporizer Review

viVape Touchscreen

The viVape from Vaporfection is the worlds first touch screen vaporizer.

Vaporizers have never been so stylish. The ViVape Vaporizer from Vaporfection at first glance looks like a thick and a bit heavy iPhone. Although the price of the ViVape Vaporizer may come as a mild shocker for many yet a careful study of the features and the benefits can quickly change the overall outlook of the ViVape Vaporizer.

Before venturing out to review the ViVape Vaporizer I was wondering if as a normal customer I would want to spend close to five hundred dollars for a Vaporizer from Vaporfection. I mean, clearly, they are not the market leaders nor are they the best in the industry. But I must say after checking out the ViVape that irrespective of their market share and despite Vaporfection not being among the heavyweights in the industry, they have done everything perfectly. ViVape is a product that goes on to show that if a company wants then it can outdo their earlier products and exceed expectations.

The first thing I must highlight in my ViVape Vaporizer review is that it is extremely pretty. You may opt for the white model but black is more my color when it comes to appliances. The touch screen is super friendly and you do not have to struggle, temperature precision is fantastic and the ease at which it gets heated up and cools down is simply world class. One of the most pleasant experiences I had with the ViVape vaporizer is that it is absolutely quiet. I could not have made out it is working until I started feeling the effects. Now, beneath the glossy case there is some serious work done by Vaporfection.

ViVape vaporizer runs on a digital microprocessor which is aided by a temperature sensor. The latter is responsible in detecting and operating the temp controls. A company’s small moves speak a lot about their intent. Vivape can be operated on a voltage range of 110 to 240. This surely speaks of the global plans of Vaporfection. With the voltage range you can actually use the Vivape anywhere in the world. I am not certain if people would like to carry this ultra modern state of the art vaporizer on holidays but if one wants to then it would be functional wherever one heads to.

Before I started reviewing the product I was a little taken back by the price but after testing the Vivape vaporizer, it looks like a worthwhile investment.