A Quick Introduction to the Vapor Blunt Vaporizer

The Vapor Blunt is a sick new portable vaporizer that is really straightforward to use and super effective. Its slender, portable style and Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery makes vaporizing as a go both relaxing and straightforward. The rechargeable battery lasts through heaps of vaporization and eliminates any necessity for a twine even though vaporizing. The VaporBLUNT’s clay heating element and stainless steel natural herb chamber mix to convey a clear and dense vapor that is comparable to a lot desk top vaporizers on the market today.

Grey and black Vapor Blunt

Grey and black Vapor Blunt charging up.

The VaporBLUNT battery powered vaporizer additionally lets you to flip on, heat up, rise the temp, and switch off all with the drive of one single function, producing battery powered vaporizing as simple as possible. The first push of the function begins heating the vape to its preset temp of 390 degrees Fahrenheit, that it will take under a moment to achieve. The 2nd push pushes the VaporBLUNT into overdrive, rapidly raising the temp to 410 degrees. One closing push spins off the VaporBLUNT. It’s that simple.

Another interesting attribute that entirely separates this VaporBLUNT video from its contest is the stir app cap. Once you twist the cap off to share the all natural herb chamber you will see a modest knob that one can flip that is affixed to a interior stir app so it is possible to stir your blend without any losing any of the treasured heat necessary for vaporization.

The VaporBlunt is jam-packed with features, delivers wonderful vapor quality, and is as less difficult to use in contrast to various premium vaporizers.

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